Easily the strangest and most frustrating shot of the day because:

1. No wide angle lens. There was a professional photographer there shooting with a Nikon D2x and a 10.5mm lens. He let me look through it and the effect was very cool, almost exactly what I would have wanted. But I only own a 50mm lens. I think a 24mm lens would have gotten me the shot I wanted.
2. Black & white film instead of color (due to not finishing the roll by taking more shots of the rhythm section from earlier). The Rolling Thunder riders all take great care of their bikes. There were some great paintjobs that black & white film just doesn’t do justice.
3. Composition. There was a better angle for this shot–I just don’t think I found it.

Camera: Nikon N80
Lens: Nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.4
Settings: aperture 1.4, auto focus, auto shutter speed

Sea of Motorcycles

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