Monthly Archives: January 2006

.NET User Groups are Good

Before yesterday, I didn’t know what I was missing. I’d always gained my knowledge about .NET (and any other technology for that matter) from conferences, classes, reading, work projects, or trying things out on my own. But the ASP.NET custom web controls talk I heard yesterday was a real eye-opener. The speaker, Miguel Castro, made […]

Bosses ‘are deluded’ over success of deals

An interesting title for this story I read in the Times this morning. The acquisition of my current employer (Aspen Systems) by Lockheed-Martin falls right in the area the story discusses (acquisitions of $100 million or more). The buyout is scheduled to close shortly, so I expect to find out soon enough what Lockheed’s plans […]

What Corporations Know About Us

This morning, when I was listening to the umpteenth radio story about the Justice Department subpoena of Google, it occurred to me that Google might know less about us than some other companies. I’ll use myself as an example. I use Google for searching and Gmail for e-mail. So they know what terms I’ve searched […]

Advice from Warren Buffett

Buried deep in this article about the dangerous size of the U.S. trade deficit was this bit of advice to MBAs: “The one piece of advice I can give you is, do what turns you on,” he said. “Do something that if you had all the money in the world, you’d still be doing it. […]


Today is my 32nd birthday. To me, it doesn’t seem like a particularly special birthday. It isn’t like turning 13, when you’re finally a teenager, or 16 when you can drive, or 18 when you’re officially an adult. I remember being excited about turning 18 because I was finally old enough to vote. I don’t […]

.NET Development Tools

Richard Slade came up with a great list of free tools he thinks .NET developers should be using. I first found out about test-driven development and NUnit a couple of years ago in a previous job. It definitely improved the quality of my code. A consultant at my current job told us about TestDriven.NET. I’m […]

Ruby on Rails Progress

I finished Curt Hibbs’ first Rolling with Ruby on Rails tutorial today. After getting phpMyAdmin installed, doing the database parts of the tutorial went a lot more quickly. Before I tackle part two, I need to read this post by Amy Hoy. After this brief tutorial on building a database-backed website with Ruby on Rails, […]

Trying out Ruby on Rails

I made it one of my resolutions to learn Ruby this year, so I took a bit of time yesterday and today to try and get something working on my work laptop running Windows XP. I’d used the one-click Windows installer for Ruby a week before, so I was able to use RubyGems to install […]

Who got money from Jack Abramoff

The entire list is here. It includes how much he gave and when.

Goals for 2006

Improve My Health Exercise 3 times a week Cook 3 times a week Maintain My Hobbies Shoot 36 film and/or digital exposures a week. Post 3 shots on the photoblog each week. Start re-learning the piano. Go skiing once more (or snowboarding twice) this winter. Strengthen My Faith Read the Bible every day Pray every […]